Higher education needs to give its faculty, staff and students a little more permission to be human.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, trauma unmakes the world and our world has been fundamentally unmade. When something like a global pandemic happens, it breaks what we understand to be our assumptive worlds. The way we see ourselves in the world is based on a series of assumptions that make life make sense — they’re often simple — things like, I will wake up in the world that is familiar to me, I will go to work, I will come home. These assumptions that guide our day to day routines give our worlds order. But…

I was scrolling Twitter before bed a few weeks back when I saw that Chrissy Teigen was leaving the hospital without her baby.

My wishful little brain thought, maybe the baby is in the NICU, or with a nurse, my fear of my own trauma making me unable to confront the reality that is pregnancy loss. But there was that nagging question in the back of my mind, if the baby is okay, then why would they send the mama home so soon? I decided to dig deeper, so I went to Instagram and clicked through to her profile…

I’m watching the news constantly, like so many of us. It’s a perverse pleasure and pain, to constantly tune in. It’s also an anxiety inducing onslaught, reminding me how little in this life is truly within my control.

We are living in a time of trauma. Now is the time to attend to our suffering.

I feel inundated by best practices about the virus, as we all have.

Take care of the elderly.

Take care of the vulnerable.

Stay the f**k home.

I see the ideas circulate and recirculate as the president issues a call to arms.

We are fighting…

My favorite show right now is a show called Schitt’s Creek. It tells the story of the Rose family, a well to do family who gets plunked into a small town after an unfortunate turn of events caused them to have all their assets seized by the government. The Roses resist this new life at first, but as the seasons evolve, so does their vision of their town, and the town itself. The show, while totally about class, takes other identity markers and fluidly emphasizes them by utterly normalizing them. …

Samira Rajabi

PhD in Media Studies, interested in pop culture, media, health, trauma, gender, race, and disability.

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